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DENAS herapy

Finally pain free! Many people - regardless of age and gender - are suffering from chronic or temporary pain e.g. headaches, migraines, joint pain, back pain, abdominal pain, sprains, bruises, strains, fatigue, menstrual pain, stress and sports injuries. The easiest remedy for these pains is to take medication. But can drugs really be a solution? Often they do not remove the root of the causes, but only fight the symptoms.

Your package includes:

  • Initial consultation free of charge
  • Functional testing - about 35 minutes: € 30.00
  • Pain therapy - 45 minutes: € 30.00
  • Stress therapy: depending on the treatment time
  • DiaDens Cosmetic
    Various masks e.g. moisturising mask, anti-aging  mask, nutrition mask:
    each 15.00 per treatment - 30 minutes, € 25.00 for two treatments
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