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Monster Roller in the Harz

Experience Braunlage a different way. Be ready for this ultimate adventure, which will leave unforgettable memories for young and old. Combine action and nature in one, when riding the Monster Roller. The downhill fun on oversized scooters promises adrenaline rush and memorable moments. And the best part is: Everybody can enjoy it  - for children from 10 years or adults we offer two different Monster Roller sizes.

What are Monster Rollers?
Monster Rollers are oversize scooters with disk brakes and large treaded tires. There you are two different sizes, so that even children from 10 years can ride the scooter. With the Monster Roller you can go on a fast 5km long route down Mount Wurmberg to guarantee the ultimate thrill for young and old.

Where can you ride the Monster Roller in Braunlage?

The first highlight is the way to the top. You can take the cable car up to the 971m Mount Wurmberg, the journey itself is breathtaking. After a short introduction, you get a helmet and your Monster Roller. Then the decent down can begin. You will cover a distance of 560m and an altitude of 411m. The route is specially prepared and covers rough and smooth slopes through the Harz forest, this fast-paced ride, depending on the experience, offers brilliant jumps and other maneuvers.

The path is natural and quite steep on the first 400 meters down hill, this enables you to achieve very high speed, especially at the beginning, which you can control, depending on your mood, strength, fitness and even courage. You can reach up to 10km/h.

Who can go on a Monster Roller?

There are two different sizes of the Monster Rollers in Braunlage. This enables children from 10 years up to adults at the age of 101 to go down the Mount Wurmberg and enjoy this unique experience through the Harz forest.

How much does it cost?

This exceptional thrilling adventure costs €15.00 including the cable car ride up to Mount Wurmberg.

By the way: We offer our guests at the relexa hotel Harz-Wald Braunlage this experience for €14.00.

Ride the Monster Roller in the Harz

And? Do you fancy a little adventure during your holiday in the Harz? Would you like to experience this thrilling decent down Mount Wurmberg? The Monster Roller guarantees fun, action and true nature.

For more information please check out the website Monsterroller in Braunlage:

Would you like to ride the Monster Roller down Mount Wurmberg in Braunlage? Then don't miss the relexa Summer Special! Experience the Harz at its best, action or tranquility - pure nature amidst the Harz forest. Enjoy your summer holiday.


But now let the pictures speak and experience here the action-packed decent of Mount Wurmberg on a Monster Roller.