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The variety of interesting destinations in the Harz is almost immeasurable. Braunlage is an ideal starting point due to its central location in the heart of the Harz. The choice is difficult - even years of repeat visits; many guests have repeatedly confirmed to have not seen everything worthwhile ...

Unique in Germany, the Harz Narrow-Gauge Railway is the longest continuous narrow-gauge network, with 140
kilometres of track and a station on the summit of the legendary Mount Brocken. A visit to the Harz must mean a journey to one of the many mines and caves which make up the history of this fascinating region. The World Heritage towns of Goslar with its Imperial Palace, the unique medieval town of  Quedlinburg or the "colourful town" of Wernigerode; places that are part of German heritage such as the Hexentanzplatz and Rosstrappe in Thale, the Nordic Stave Church in Hahnenklee and so much more......

You will need many journeys to truly say: "I have been in theHarz".


Popular towns of the Harz:

Bad Harzburg
Other towns can be found here: Other resorts in the Harz can be found here


Popular destinations in the Harz:

Wurmberg Braunlage
Höhlen Erlebnis Zentrum Iberg (show cave)
Upper Harz Mining Museum
Imperial Palace Goslar
Walkenried Monastery
Europe Rose Garden
Harz Narrow Gauge Railway
Schierker Feuerstein ( local scnapps)
  Other interesting destinations please fine here