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Bikepark Braunlage

The BIKEPARK BRAUNLAGE located around Mount Wurmberg has about 18 km of unbridled fun for young, old, beginner or professional - so whatever your experience, you will discover a personal favourite trail suited to your level.

The seven existing routes, some up to 4,500 meters in length are all natural as far as possible and use the specific topography of the Wurmberg.

A 6-car train travels across the 400 meters to the summit and takes the riders from the valley to the high peaks 972 meters. In the immediate vicinity of the top station, there are two launch platforms, each of which launches two different routes, which can be cycled. The area from the start to the middle station is steep and then levels off somewhat. For the rider at the middle station you can change routes. All obstacles can be avoided, based on simple detours, the so-called "Chickenways".


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