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Walking and Nature

The Harz National Park is one of the largest forested national parks in Germany, comprising about ten percent of the total area of the Harz around the Brocken. The impressive natural landscape is reflected in the spectacular moors, granite cliffs, mountain rivers and streams.

Known as a paradise for hikers, Braunlage is the ideal starting point for walks and hikes across the borders of three federal states in and around the Harz National Park. Whether the Brocken, the "Green Belt", the Harzer-Hexen-Stieg or the Selketal-Stieg, guided by a national park ranger or on the trail of the lynx - the choice is yours!

Wanderschuhe auf der Wiese

Braunlage / Harz has an extensive network of well maintained walking and hiking trails with beautiful views and a total length of 220 km, of which 90 km are cleared during winter.

Daily guided tours to the top of Mount Brocken and the Brocken Garden

The "Harzer-Hexen-Stieg" is a joint project of the Harz Tourist Association e.V. and Harz Club e.V.

At the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the wall between East and West Germany, the Harz Border Walking Trail was extended from Tettenborn to Fallstein.
Wandern im Harz: Brockenwanderung

With the Harz Walking Badge you can hike the entire Harz and experience its full diversity. You can learn facts about famous tourist attractions such as Mount Brocken, the witches dance place, UNESCO World Heritage Site Rammelsberg in Goslar as well as little secret gems.
Nationalpark Harz - Bergwildnis entdecken

Forests, moors and rivers; enjoy the unique and diverse mountain landscape in one of the largest forest national parks in Germany.

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Discover the richness and diversity of Germany's northern middle mountain range; the Harz.

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