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Skiing in St. Andreasberg

The ski resort Matthias Schmidt offers slopes for alpine skiing and snowboarding at all levels and path lengths. For ambitious alpine skiing steep slopes are available, while the beginner finds in the flatter terrain the ideal slope. To support the improvement of the snow conditions a modern snowmaking system is available. Regularly floodlit skiing in the evening hours is offered here as a great extra.

The ski resort Matthias Schmidt has three ski lifts and a pony lift. Here you will find slopes from easy to hard for the whole family. The trails are well maintained with modern ski equipment. Snowboarders are welcome and can go with good snow conditions off-piste. For your safety the St. Andreasberg rescue mountain team is on call out here.

The Harz Tourist information gives information on its winter sports website on all alpine slopes and the current snow condition in the Harz.

Enjoy alpine skiing in the Harz and stay with us at the relexa hotel Harz-Wald in Braunlage. You can reach from here all ski resorts of Braunlage within minutes.

Ski run 1 – easy, 1,2 km

Ski run 2 – medium, 1 km

Ski run 3 – hard, 1km

The difference in height of these slopes is  80 – 140 meters.

2 double chair lifts, 3 drag lifts.

Opening times: daily from 9am - 5pm

Contact: Alberti-Lift GmbH, Matthias-Schmidt-Berg, Tel. +49 5582 265, Fax +49 5582 8324,




(on presentation

of valid ID)


(from 5 to 15 years)

Day pass 26€ 24€ 16€
2 day pass * 44€ 40€ 26€
5 day pass * 89€ 81€ 52€
2 hour pass * 17€ 16€ 9€
3 hour pass ** 19€ 18€ 11€
4 hour pass ** 21€ 20€ 13€
6 point pass *** 10€ 10€ 10€

Single ticket

(valid for all guest passes)

Flood light ****











Note / explanation:

*              available on any 2 or 5 days of the winter season

**            valid from the first person of a turnstileuse of the ski lift

***          valid only for skiers, does not apply to pedestrians

****        always Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays when good snow conditions from 6pm - 9pm (last entry 8.45pm)


Ski run 1 – easy, 1,4 km

Ski run 2 – medium, 1,2 km

The difference in height of these slopes is 100 meters.

3 drag lifts, 1 pony lift.

Opening times: Mon – Fri  9:30am - 6:30pm, Sat - Sun 9am – 4:30pm

Contact: Tel. +49 5582 513, Fax +49 5582 999927,

10 point pass - Grosser Sonnenberg lift and Sonnenblick 13€
15 point üass- Sonnenhang and Pony lift 13€
Day ski pass  


Children 7 to 16 years 14€

Half day ski pass

(morning from 9am - 1pm, afternoon from 12pm

Adult 15€
Children 7 to 16 years 11€
Ski pass after 3pm  
Adult 10€
Children 7 to 16 years 5€
Weekend ski pass  
Adult 35€
Teenager 21€

Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children)

per additional child



Half day ticket is valid morning until 1pm
  afternoon from 12pm until the end

Ticket prices for all ski lift at the ski resort Sonnenberg.

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